• LTTA, CSA Members have to pay an Entry Fees of Rs. 30/- per day.
  • Life Members Guests accompanied by Life Members and Affiliated Clubs have to pay an Entry Fees of Rs. 50/- Per Day as Guest Charges.
  • All Entry Fees must be paid and Receipts obtained from the Cards Section In-charge.
  • Members should purchase Tokens against Cash before playing, for playing direct stakes. No cash transactions to be made on the Table.
  • No Credit Transactions available.
  • 5% of Total Stake amount in case of Direct Stakes.
    5% of the Total Syndicate amount is charged as Game Fees.
  • Members who are bringing Guests will be solely responsible for the conduct of their Guests.
  • New Cards will be provided every 15 Days on the 1st and 15th of each month. However, New Cards can be provided in the interim at the discretion of the Marker. In case playing members desire additional cards they must procure the same at their cost.
  • Members who are in default of dues are not permitted to use this section.
  • Absolute Silence, Discipline and Hygiene has to be maintained by Members and their Guests in the Section.
  • However, in all cases of disputes whether covered by these rules or not, the decision of the Cards Sub-Committee / KBA Executive Committee shall be final and binding on all the Players.
  • A Table may be formed by any Member, Members or their Guests provided that a table shall have maximum of 8 Players only.
  • Members should encash their tokens before 10.15 P.M.
  • The Cards Section will be CLOSED by 11.30 P.M.


Description Subscribing Members Dep-/ Non Subscribing Members Non-member / Guests
Card section No charges Rs.40.00 per session  
Service Taxes – Additional
Cards Section Timings : _________ P.M. to 11.30 P.M.