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  • 11-Nov-2017

    KBA Intra Club Badminton Tournament (Revised)

    KBA Intra Club Badminton Tournament

    The  8th KBA Intra Club Badminton Tournament 2017 will be held from 20th November to 24thNovember 2017 at KBA Stadium from 6.00 P.M. onwards.


     Tournament format for Doubles Only.  Matches will be as below :


     01. OPEN EVENT                  :  All age group can participate. (Minimum age 25 years) 

    02. 35 YEARS PLUS              :  Both participants should be over 35 Years 

    03. 40  YEARS PLUS (80+)   :  Both participants should be over 40 Years

    04. 45 YEARS PLUS (90+)    :  Both participants should be over 45 Years

    05. 50 YEARS PLUS (100+)  :  Both participants should be over 50 Years

    06. 55 YEARS PLUS (110+)  :  Both participants should be over 55 Years

    07. MIXED DOUBLES           :  Only Family 

    08. FAMILY SPECIAL           :  Participants should be either Member & Spouse or

                                                         Member & Child or Member & Parent


    RULES   :

     A) Both Men and Women can participate in all the Events.  There will be No separate Event for Men OR Women.  

    B) A Player can participate  in One Event only and Family Special or Open Event.


    C) The Tournament is Open to Life Members, Dependent Life Members, Sports Members and District Members.  The Sports Members / Members who have represented the State after 2012 are not eligible.  (Not applicable to Veteran Players).   Sports Member shall be eligible to participate in the Open Events only.

    D)  Minimum 6 entries should be there to conduct each event otherwise it will be clubbed with the lower age categories.

    E)  The Pair will be decided by Organizer / Tournament Co-Ordinator.

    F) Entry Fee will be Rs. 100/- Per Participant Per Event and Rs. 50/- Per Participant for the Family Special.

    G) All Courts will be reserved for the exclusive use of the Tournament during the specified dates / timings.

    H)  Organisers decision will be Final and binding on all participants.

    I) The entries can be given to the Marker / Reception / email :  info@kba.org.in   

    J)   Last date for Entries is 20th November 2017 at 12.00 Noon.  

    k)  Cut off date as on 01-11-2017.





    P.R. MOHAN LAL                                                                   M.T. RAVINDRA

    HON. SECRETARY.                                                       HON. JOINT SECRETARY.